Big Yellow Boots Stock Dog Training.
John Wentz

Big Yellow Boots Stock dog Training is a dog training facility located in south central Wisconsin, just
east of the Wisconsin Dells. Owned and operated by John Wentz. Big Yellow Boots Stock dogs
specializes in training dogs and their owners for herding.  

I have been raising sheep in the Portage, Wisconsin area since 1986. In addition to training and
using my own Border Collies to help on the farm, I provide sheep herding training and
instruction to outside handlers and their dogs.

At Big Yellow Boots I welcome all breeds of dogs.
My goal is to offer persons of all levels the unique experience of training their own dogs
while they learn about dogs and stockmanship. There is nothing more satisfying than teaching and
watching your dog work stock as they were bred to do. I encourage and invite you to come out to my
facility on top of the mountain and experience this satisfaction for yourself!

The cost for stock lessons with your dog is $40.00 per dog/per day on the weekends and $30.00 per
dog on Weekdays.  Lessons usually last about an hour depending on the dog and your needs.

I also offer custom stock dog training with a number of options designed to suit each individual’s
specific needs. I can take your dog in for a two-week evaluation period if you simply want to see if
your dog has an interest in working stock or can create a custom training program for your dog
over the course of a few months to prepare you and your dog for competing at herding competitions.

Please feel free to explore my website and contact me with any questions or information on my
training facility or training methods.

608 697 3681
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