Trains Tracks and Training
I grew up near these tracks they were old 35 ears ago. I visited them this morning.  A first
glance they look pretty good, lightly used brush trimmed, I am pretty sure the trestle has
been re decked. Looks like a strong foundation.  A lot like our dogs. They go get the sheep
at home, almost never cross over, stop pretty good and have nice flanks.
Sometime we have to look close to see the weakness or flaws in ourselves and our
dogs. A strong foundation is necessary, that we know. But good maintenance is
essential. How do they behave away from home, cold and straight out of the truck.
Is that first outrun a 20 or do they need a warm up. Do they just stop when told
because its our Idea or do they need to be in the right spot. Do we go with High
expectations to the trials field only to find all the split rails and broken wires glairing
at us.  We must also not be blinded by our own eyes and only see what we think is
there. This trip down memory lane was grand but I am glad I was a foot and not
riding the train.
Tracks are near Lincoln University in