Herding Lessons
For Your Dog and You

Big Yellow Boots Stock Dogs
Training Dogs and Teaching People
I have always preferred
to help others train their
dogs, rather than just
take the dog and train it
for them.
I'm a believer that I can
help the dog better if I
work closely with the
owner, helping them
work as a team. I step in
when needed, but step
back when ever I can so
you can train your own
I am available for lessons most days  
of the week. On week days a call or
email the day before is the best way
to set up a time slot.  

Sign up ahead of time. I like to keep it
to 6 dogs on the weekends so every
team gets plenty of time.

Cost is $40 per dog per Session.
Most sessions last from 45 Min to an
Hour and a half.

Sign up by email or Phone
Call or email about private lessons
other days of the week.  
I let my students work
some of my dogs so
they can get the feel of
a trained dog. This
helps you find that
Feel in your own dog
We have fields for all levels.
The Border Collie, Truly a
Shepherds best Buddy